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New in March 2023

An open-source ChatGPT, fine-tuning FLAN-T5, AI projects, and exciting compliance updates

Technical deep dive: Truss live reload

Truss' live reload feature revolutionizes iterative development, turning the lengthy 3-30 minute model deployment process into an almost instant task.

New in January 2023

Deploy multiple model versions, model resource management, a cleaner Truss DX, and more.

New in December 2022

2022's rapid ML advancements felt like a decade. Excited for 2023, we anticipate foundational models will further empower scientists and developers in ML apps.

Accelerating model deployment: 100X faster dev loops with development deployments

Baseten's development deployments speed up ML model dev loops, replacing slow workflows with a live reload system for quick, seconds-long testing updates.

New in October: Find community with The DSC

October was a big month for the ML industry, with more momentum than ever behind spooky-good models and novel applications

New in September: Increasing flexibility and robustness

The state of cutting-edge open-source ML models, a more flexible interface for invoking models, and robust application development workflows

New in August: Deploy, deploy, deploy

In August, we focused on model deployment, from basic classifiers to advanced Stable Diffusion image generators, as a key step in realizing ML's business value.

Why we built and open-sourced a model serving solution

Truss, our open-sourced bridge for model development to deployment, saves time for data scientists and ML engineers on MLOps tasks in model serving.