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We’re creating a platform for progressive AI companies to build their products in the fastest, most performant infrastructure available.

Get in touch operates an AI calling platform for building, testing, and scaling phone agents. It offers infrastructure and APIs for AI-powered phone services, aiding sectors like real estate, healthcare, and logistics in creating custom AI agents.

Descript provides an AI-powered editing platform that enables users to easily edit videos, podcasts, and screen recordings. Their tools transcribe and allow manipulation of audio by editing the corresponding text.

Gamma enables swift generation of AI-driven documents, presentations, and webpages, offering one-click templates and no-code editing to transform text into engaging content, enhancing clarity and audience engagement.

PicnicHealth develops software to simplify medical records access and enhance research. It offers a comprehensive health timeline service, integrating AI and machine learning for seamless health data management.

Prediction Guard offers a platform for secure and compliant integration of Large Language Models, featuring a scalable API that ensures governance and prevents hallucinations, tailored for high-security industry needs.

Rime develops a text-to-speech platform, focusing on natural-sounding voice generation with features like demographic tailoring and fast responses. It specializes in AI and Big Data to enhance conversational speech technologies.

Robust Intelligence offers a platform to eliminate AI failures, ensuring the robustness and reliability of AI systems. It focuses on detecting vulnerabilities and preventing adverse outcomes throughout the AI lifecycle.

Stability AI is a leading open-source generative AI company, creating tools that convert text to images and other media. It focuses on accessible AI for global creativity, supporting image, language, video, and 3D applications.

Writer offers a generative AI platform for enterprises, enhancing business writing with large language models. It ensures content consistency, brand adherence, and features enterprise-grade LLMs.

Baseten gets the stuff we don't want to do out of the way. Now, our small, scrappy team can punch above our weight. It's everything from model serving, to auto-scaling, to iterating on products around those models, so we can deliver value to our customers and not worry about ML infrastructure.

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Baseten provides an easy way for us to host our models, iterate on them, and experiment without worrying about any of the DevOps involved.

Faaez Ul Haq, Head of Data Science at Pipe

Baseten has allowed us to efficiently build an entirely new machine learning platform in just 4 months. By not needing to worry about managing our model infrastructure, Laurel has been able to drastically reduce our time to develop new predictive features and maintain more than double the number of models from our old platform.

Andrew Ward, VP of Machine Learning at Laurel

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