Customer stories

Learn how top engineering and machine learning teams use Baseten.

Patreon saves nearly $600k/year in ML resources with Baseten

With Baseten, Patreon deployed and scaled the open-source foundation model Whisper at record speed without hiring an in-house ML infra team.

SIL expands NLP to support the world’s 7,100+ languages

Take a look at SIL's innovation organization, and how the team uses Baseten to accelerate experimentation.

How Primer uses ML to build safe online communities for kids

One of the key challenges the team needed to solve was verifying that the users who signed up for Primer were actually kids.

Pipe saves over 200 hours of dev time per year using Baseten

Pipe uses Baseten to host models, iterate on them, and experiment without worrying about any of the DevOps involved.

Laurel ships ML models 9+ months faster using Baseten

To automatically categorize hundreds of thousands of time entries every day, Laurel leverages sophisticated ML models and Baseten’s product suite.