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How to serve your ComfyUI model behind an API endpoint

This guide details deploying ComfyUI image generation pipelines via API for app integration, using Truss for packaging & production deployment.

GPT vs Mistral: Migrate to open source LLMs seamlessly

Use ChatCompletions API to test open-source LLMs like Mistral 7B in your AI app with just three minor code modifications.

Build your own open-source ChatGPT with Llama 2 and Chainlit

Llama 2 rivals GPT-3.5 in quality and powers ChatGPT. Chainlit helps build ChatGPT-like interfaces. This guide shows creating such interfaces with Llama 2.

Build a chatbot with Llama 2 and LangChain

Build a ChatGPT-style chatbot with open-source Llama 2 and LangChain in a Python notebook.

Three techniques to adapt LLMs for any use case

Prompt engineering, embeddings, vector databases, and fine-tuning are ways to adapt Large Language Models (LLMs) to run on your data for your use case

Serving four million Riffusion requests in two days

Riffusion is a fine-tuned version of Stable Diffusion. Baseten served Riffusion over four million times in a couple of days, serving top-of-hacker-news traffic.