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Why GPU utilization matters for model inference

Save money on high-traffic model inference workloads by increasing GPU utilization to maximize performance per dollar for LLMs, SDXL, Whisper, and more.

ML models

The best open source large language model

Explore the best open source large language models for 2024 for any budget, license, and use case.

Model performance

Unlocking the full power of NVIDIA H100 GPUs for ML inference with TensorRT

Double or triple throughput at same-or-better latencies by switching to H100 GPUs from A100s for model inference with TensorRT/TensorRT-LLM.


New in January 2024

A library for open source models, general availability for L4 GPUs, and performance benchmarking for ML inference


Introduction to quantizing ML models

Quantizing ML models like LLMs makes it possible to run big models on less expensive GPUs. But it must be done carefully to avoid quality reduction.


How to benchmark image generation models like Stable Diffusion XL

Benchmarking Stable Diffusion XL performance across latency, throughput, and cost depends on factors from hardware to model variant to inference config.


Understanding performance benchmarks for LLM inference

This guide helps you interpret LLM performance metrics to make direct comparisons on latency, throughput, and cost.


New in December 2023

Faster Mixtral inference, Playground v2 image generation, and ComfyUI pipelines as API endpoints.

Model performance

Faster Mixtral inference with TensorRT-LLM and quantization

Mixtral 8x7B structurally has faster inference than similarly-powerful Llama 2 70B, but we can make it even faster using TensorRT-LLM and int8 quantization.