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++++Accelerating time to market for companies scaling inference in production


Baseten delivers with high model throughput (up to 1,500 tokens per second) and fast time to first token (below 100ms).

Developer workflow

We've streamlined the entire development process, significantly reducing the time and effort required to go from concept to deployment with Truss.

Enterprise readiness

Baseten delivers high-performance, secure, and dependable model inference services that align with the critical operational, legal, and strategic needs of enterprise companies.

HIPAA CompliantSOC 2 Type II Certified


++++Highly-performant infra that scales with you

The best serving engines available

Take advantage of inference speed advancements at the server level by using the latest engines available. Our inference optimizations allow models to have a lower memory footprint while running on optimal hardware.

Double or triple throughput at same-or-better latencies

Blazing fast cold starts

We've optimized every step of the pipeline — building images, starting containers, caching models, provisioning resources, and fetching weights — to ensure models scale-up from zero to ready for inference as quickly as possible.

See how we achieve SDXL inference in under 2 seconds

Mission-critical low latency

For interactive applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, or real-time translation services, our authentication and routing service enables reduced latency and high throughput–up to 1,500 tokens per second.

Faster inference with TensorRT-LLM

Effortless GPU autoscaling

Baseten's autoscaler analyzes incoming traffic to your model, automatically creating additional replicas to maintain your desired service level. Horizontally scale from zero to thousands of replicas to meet the demands on your model without overpaying for compute.

Autoscaling model replicas

Developer Workflow

++++The most flexible way to serve AI models in production

Open-source model packaging

Truss presents an open-source standard for packaging models built in any framework (including PyTorch, Tensorflow, TensorRT, and Triton) for sharing and deployment in any environment, local or production.

Learn about Truss

1class Model:
2    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
3        self.device = "cuda" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "cpu"
4        self.model = None
6    def preprocess(self, request: Dict) -> Dict:
7        resp = requests.get(request["url"])
8        return {"response": resp.content}
10    def load(self):
11        self.model = whisper.load_model("", self.device)
13    def predict(self, request: Dict) -> Dict:
14        with NamedTemporaryFile() as fp:
15            fp.write(request["response"])
16            result = whisper.transcribe(self.model,, temperature=0)
17            segments = [
18                {"start": r["start"], "end": r["end"], "text": r["text"]}
19                for r in result["segments"]
20            ]
21        return result

Deploy models in just a few commands

Baseten simplifies the transition from development to production, making it easy to bring your custom or open-source models to life with minimal setup.

pip install --upgrade truss

truss-examples/stable-diffusion-xl-1.0-trt-h100onmain>truss pushCompressing100% 0:00:00Uploading100% 0:00:00✨ Model Stable Diffusion XL - TensorRT was successfully pushed ✨🪵 View logs for your deployment

Instant API. Your deployed model, automatically wrapped in an endpoint.

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+++++Tools that make
managing inference easy

Resource management

Efficiently manage your models with our intuitive platform, ensuring optimal resource allocation and performance.

Resource management

Logs & event filtering

Log management and event filtering capabilities help you quickly identify and resolve issues, enhancing model reliability.

Logs and event filtering

Cost management

Keep your infra under control with detailed cost tracking and optimization recommendations.

Cost management


Ensure your systems are operating smoothly with comprehensive observability tools. Track inference counts, response times, GPU uptime and other critical metrics in real-time.

Model and inference monitoring

Effortless autoscaling

Automatically scale your models to meet demand without manual intervention to ensures that your models are always available, efficient, and cost-effective.

Enterprise readiness

Your infrastructure and cloud, our autoscaling and model performance


Deploy on your own infrastructure

Deploy our inference engine within your own virtual private cloud.

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Your cloud

Fulfill your cloud commitments

Take advantage of your existing spend agreements while capturing the performance of our software.

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Security by design

Our commitment to security is unwavering, designed to deliver peace of mind while you innovate and scale with confidence.

Baseten also offers single tenancy, isolating your models virtually and physically, whether self-hosted, run on your own cloud, or in a single-tenant cloud.

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