Baseten Chains Explained: Building Multi-Component AI Workflows at Scale

A Delightful Developer Experience for Building and Deploying Compound ML Inference Workflows

New in May 2024

AI events, multicluster model serving architecture, tokenizer efficiency, and forward-deployed engineering

New in April 2024

Use four new best in class LLMs, stream synthesized speech with XTTS, and deploy models with CI/CD

New in March 2024

Fast Mistral 7B, fractional H100 GPUs, FP8 quantization, and API endpoints for model management.

New in February 2024

3x throughput with H100 GPUs, 40% lower SDXL latency with TensorRT, and multimodal open source models.

New in January 2024

A library for open source models, general availability for L4 GPUs, and performance benchmarking for ML inference

New in December 2023

Faster Mixtral inference, Playground v2 image generation, and ComfyUI pipelines as API endpoints.

New in November 2023

Switching to open source ML, a guide to model inference math, and's new generative AI image-to-video model.

New in October 2023

All-new model management, a text embedding model that matches OpenAI, and misgif, the most fun you’ll have with AI all week.