New in March 2023


A few Baseten engineers teamed up and released ChatLLaMA, an open-source ChatGPT alternative, as a weekend project. ChatLLaMA uses Alpaca-7B, a fine-tuned variant of LLaMA designed for a chat interface.

ChatLLaMA giving ideas for a newsletter intro

Give ChatLLaMA a try!

Fine-tune FLAN-T5 on Blueprint

Want to fine-tune your own LLM? You can on Blueprint, which now supports fine-tuning FLAN-T5, an instruction-tuned text-to-text-transfer-transformer model developed by Google.

Why fine-tune an LLM?

  • Have a top-notch LLM customized with your data — train it on your customer support tickets, user-generated content, or documentation

  • Build a special-purpose generative app like a recipe generator or a chatbot that’s an expert on healthcare acronyms

  • Save money versus using generic LLM APIs and own your model

We have a step-by-step tutorial for fine-tuning FLAN-T5 as well as docs on creating an effective dataset and kicking off your fine-tuning run to get your project rolling.

We’re here to help or just cheer you along on Twitter and Discord. Get started with four hours of free credits for new accounts here.

AI projects for the hacker spirit

After releasing Blueprint last month, Baseten’s engineers have been building side projects using LLMs and generative AI.  Here are a few projects from the team:

Here’s a demo and walkthrough of Suren’s project:

Compliance: everyone’s favorite adventure

In the last year, ML has gone from an experiment to a core need for many companies who require elevated levels of security and compliance. Baseten is now SOC 2 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant. We are honored to be entrusted with sensitive data and take our platform’s security and stability seriously.

ML meetup!

Before we go, here is a photo from our AI meetup at our San Francisco office. We’re hosting another in April, follow us on Twitter to find out more!

A photo from Baseten's March ML Meetup

See you next month!

— The team at Baseten