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Models We Love: June 2023

Dive into open source foundation models, focusing on LLMs: Falcon-7B/40B, WizardLM, MusicGen (Meta), MPT-7B (Mosaic).

New in June 2023

LangChain adds Baseten integration, Falcon soars to the top of the LLM leaderboard

Deploy open-source models in a couple clicks from Baseten’s model library

An explanation of how Baseten's model library works for deploying and serving popular open-source models.

New in May 2023

Explore new text generation and text-to-speech models, their GPU requirements, and join the community around open-source models.

New in April 2023

LLMs go OSS, AI community thrives, Baseten offers free credits to start deploying models

New in March 2023

An open-source ChatGPT, fine-tuning FLAN-T5, AI projects, and exciting compliance updates

Technical deep dive: Truss live reload

Truss' live reload feature revolutionizes iterative development, turning the lengthy 3-30 minute model deployment process into an almost instant task.

New in January 2023

Deploy multiple model versions, model resource management, a cleaner Truss DX, and more.

New in December 2022

2022's rapid ML advancements felt like a decade. Excited for 2023, we anticipate foundational models will further empower scientists and developers in ML apps.