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New in September 2023

Mistral 7B LLM, GPU comparisons, model observability features, and an open source AI event series

New in August 2023

Truss' latest update addresses key ML model serving issues. Discover how to speed up SDXL inference to 3s and build ChatGPT-like apps with Llama 2 & Chainlit.

New in July 2023

Llama 2 and SDXL shake up foundation model leaderboards (plus: Langchain, autoscaling, and more)

Model autoscaling features on Baseten

Scale replica count up and down in response to traffic, with scale to zero and fast cold starts.

Models We Love: June 2023

Dive into open source foundation models, focusing on LLMs: Falcon-7B/40B, WizardLM, MusicGen (Meta), MPT-7B (Mosaic).

New in June 2023

LangChain adds Baseten integration, Falcon soars to the top of the LLM leaderboard

Deploy open-source models in a couple clicks from Baseten’s model library

An explanation of how Baseten's model library works for deploying and serving popular open-source models.

New in May 2023

Explore new text generation and text-to-speech models, their GPU requirements, and join the community around open-source models.

New in April 2023

LLMs go OSS, AI community thrives, Baseten offers free credits to start deploying models