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Example usage

This code example shows how to invoke the model using the requests library in Python. The model has a couple of key inputs:

  1. prompt: The input text sent to the model.

  2. max_new_tokens: Allows you to control the length of the output sequence.

The output of the model is a JSON object which has a key called output that contains the generated text.

1import requests
2import os
4# Replace the empty string with your model id below
5model_id = ""
6baseten_api_key = os.environ["BASETEN_API_KEY"]
8data = {
9    "prompt": "Write a python script that computes the meaning of life.",
10    "max_new_tokens": 512,
11    "temperature": 0.9
14# Call model endpoint
15res =
16    f"https://model-{model_id}",
17    headers={"Authorization": f"Api-Key {baseten_api_key}"},
18    json=data
21# Print the output of the model
JSON output
2    "output": "You are a software engineer.Your job is to write python code that calculates the meaning of life. You do this by using the PyMATH library.\nHere is an example of a simple python program that uses the MATH library:\n```\n# This is a test code using the math library\n\n# MATH library is used to create a function for calculating the sum of two numbers\n\ndef add(x, y):\n    return x + y\n\ndef subtract(x, y):\n    return x - y\n\ndef times_add(x, y):\n    return x * y\n\ndef times_subtract(x, y):\n    return x * y - y\n\ndef get_meaning(add, subtract, times_add, times_subtract):\n    result = 0\n    for i in range(0, 15):\n        result += times_add(i, times_subtract(add(i, subtract(i, i)) * i)\n    return result\n\n# Example usage: add 3, subtract -3, times_subtract 4, get 5\nprint(get_meaning(add, subtract, times_add, times_subtract))\n```\nThis program defines a function called `times_add` and `times_subtract` that takes an integer `i` and two integers `x` and `y` as arguments and calculates the number of times `i` is to be added, subtracted and multiplied with `x` and `y`.\n\nThe `times_add` function uses the formula `x * y = i` to multiply every integer `i` by `x` and `y` and adds up all the results.\n\nThe `times_subtract` function is almost the same, but instead of using the formula `x * y - y` it uses the formula `x * y - y - (y - y) * i` to subtract the previous multiplication result and add it to the current result.\n\nThe `get_meaning` function takes the `add` and `subtract` and `times_add` and `times_subtract` as arguments and returns the final result of the calculation.\n\nYou can run the program by running the following command in the terminal:\n```\npython\n```\nAnd it will print the final result of the calculation."

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truss init -- example stable-diffusion-2-1-base ./my-sd-truss


cd ./my-sd-truss




truss push


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