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Part 1: Working at an early stage company as an early stage engineer

Follow along on my journey from college senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to new grad engineer at Baseten

Samiksha Pal

November 29, 2021


New in November 2021

Welcome to Baseten's very first monthly update. We’ll share these updates here on our blog and through our email newsletter—join our waitlist to get the latest product improvements, blog posts, and company updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Emmiliese von Avis

November 22, 2021

Machine Learning

Building a data labeler with Baseten

Working closely with users in our closed beta, we’ve repeatedly heard that users need to label data to train their models, often before they even have a model. Baseten helps here too!

Amir Haghighat

November 11, 2021

Machine Learning

Deploying models with Baseten

Baseten supports deploying most types of machine learning models; in this post, we’ll go over deploying a simple model

Alex Gillmor

October 27, 2021


Using SageMaker models in Baseten

Since Baseten launched, most of our users have been deploying machine learning models through our model deployment service because of its ease-of-use, extensibility, and scalability. However we’ve heard from some people that they are already locked into SageMaker for model deployment

Pankaj Gupta

August 30, 2021


Introducing Baseten

Introducing the fastest way to build applications powered by machine learning

Tuhin Srivastava

May 20, 2021