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Nomic AI is a research company creating explainable and accessible ML models and AI-powered tools.

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About Nomic AI

Founded in 2022 by Brandon Duderstadt and Andriy Mulyar, Nomic AI is a research company that focuses on explainable and accessible ML models. As part of this commitment, Nomic AI's open source models are released with open weights, open code, and open data.

Nomic Embed is Nomic AI's family of long context text embedding models. These models offer state of the art performance β€” outperforming OpenAI's text-embedding-ada-002 and text-embedding-3-small models β€” for retrieval, queries, clustering, and classification. Nomic Embed v1.5 uses Matryoshka Representation Learning to support output dimensionality between 64 and 768 values, allowing users to trade off between cost and quality when generating embeddings, while offering best-in-class accuracy at every supported dimensionality.

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truss init -- example stable-diffusion-2-1-base ./my-sd-truss


cd ./my-sd-truss




truss push


Serializing Stable Diffusion 2.1 truss.


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