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πŸ“’ Weekly round-up: View event logs

May 27, 2022

View event logs

In the application builder, the logs tab now shows events from the view in addition to worklet runs. This gives you more information when building and debugging complex user interactions.

Log output from invoking a worklet

If a single user action triggers multiple events, each event will have its own log entry. Each log entry includes the component name and event type, along with any relevant information like worklet name and parameters.

πŸŽƒ The pumpkin patch

A handful of small-but-mighty changes to make Baseten more joyful to use:

  • Clone and delete applications from the dropdown menu within the application builder
  • When you deploy your own model to Baseten, its type now shows as β€œImported”
  • Additional security tooling on production clusters
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements