Usage-based pricing with free credits and no platform fee for Startup plan workspaces

Baseten has transitioned to purely usage-based pricing for all workspaces not on our Enterprise plan. There is no monthly or annual platform fee for workspaces on the default Startup plan.

Plus, we’re offering $30 in free credits for all new workspaces and to existing workspaces that transition over to the Startup plan.

Usage-based pricing

With usage-based pricing, you only pay for the time your model is deploying, active, or scaling down. Usage-based pricing also applies for fine-tuning runs.

Pricing depends on the instance type your model is running on. Use our pricing calculator to estimate the monthly cost of your workload.

You can monitor your usage from the billing tab in your workspace settings.

Baseten platform features

With usage-based pricing, workspaces on the Startup plan can access all model deployment and management features with no limit on the number of models and versions you can add to your Baseten account.

All workspaces offer:

We also offer an Enterprise plan for organizations that need dedicated support and more customizability. If you have any questions about pricing or which plan is best for your organization, please get in touch with us at