Monitor your models

We added charts to visualize the health and performance of your models on BaseTen. Even better, we used pretty colors and fun shapes. From the health tab, you can monitor a model's traffic, response time, and compute resource usage over time.

Just like model logs, the health tab is available for all custom models deployed on your BaseTen account, but not for pre-trained models from our model zoo.

You’ll now have full visibility 👀 into the following:

Prediction volume

The number of requests per minute made to your deployed model:

Prediction volume graph

Response time

Your model's 50th, 90th, 95th, and 99th percentile response time to incoming requests:

Response time graph

CPU and memory usage

The total CPU and memory usage across all replicas of your model–or, focus in on a single replica:

CPU and memory usage graph

Back in time

For every model metric, you can use the time picker to select a time range from the last five minutes to the last six hours. Along with model logs, this access will make you feel like Sherlock Holmes as you crack the case of any model health concerns.

Back in time graph