Our latest product additions and improvements.

Aug 30, 2022

Watching code build is the digital equivalent of watching paint dry. Model deployment on Baseten generally runs in less than five minutes, but that's enough time to:

  • Make yourself a cup of coffee

  • Listen to your favorite song

  • Run a mile (if you're Usain Bolt)

So take a microbreak — we'll send you an email once the model deployment is finished!

An email confirming successful model deployment

We also send a notification email if a deployment fails or if an active model goes down. And you can click the link in any model status email to be taken directly to the deployed model’s page.

🎃 The pumpkin patch

This week’s small-but-mighty changes to bring more magic to your models!

Set state with math: When using the “set state” action, the value field will automatically evaluate mathematical expressions.

Setting state with a mathematical expression

App & model tags: Starter applications and pre-trained models are now tagged in their respective tables. These resources do not count against your workspace limits.

Starter applications tagged in the applications list