Weekly round-up: Explore the data explorer

Baseten’s data explorer in the view builder helps you take your ML-powered project from “web page” to “web app.” But the concepts introduced in the data explorer are clearly centered in front-end development, not data science. While the view builder provides helpful abstractions for concepts like application state, it also exposes a great deal of control to let developers choose to build more powerful interfaces.

A tooltip explaining URL parameters

To assist developers in venturing into front-end concepts, we’ve added tooltips to every field in the data explorer providing immediate context and a direct link to relevant documentation. We encourage you to fearlessly explore building featureful UIs by peeking under the hood of front-end development.

While we’ve been releasing a steady cadence of quality-of-life features and user experience improvements, we have some big things coming in the second half of July that we’re excited to share with you. Tune in next week for Baseten’s first-ever open source project!

🎃 The pumpkin patch

A handful of small-but-mighty changes to make Baseten more joyful to use:

  • In the console, use the new “Shift-Enter” hotkey to execute the current cell and create a new one, just like in a Jupyter notebook

  • View your account email and workspace role (owner/admin/creator/operator) in your account profile

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements