Weekly round-up: Deploy Hugging Face Transformers, LightGBM, and XGBoost models

Baseten’s model deployment stack runs on Truss, our open-source library for model serving. Any model framework supported by Truss is also supported in the Baseten CLI. As such, the Baseten Python client now supports three new frameworks:

And of course you can deploy any model to Baseten as a custom model.

To use these newly supported frameworks, upgrade to the latest version of the Baseten Python client with:

pip install --upgrade baseten

Example deployment

Let’s take a look at what deploying a model built from Hugging Face Transformers looks like:

1import baseten
2from transformers import pipeline
4model = pipeline('fill-mask', model='bert-base-uncased')
6baseten.login("*** INSERT API KEY ***")  # https://docs.baseten.co/settings/api-keys
8baseten_model = baseten.deploy(
9    model,
10    model_name='bert base uncased',

As we continue developing Truss, more frameworks will be supported out-of-the-box on Baseten. Let us know what framework you’d like to see next by opening an issue.

🎃 The pumpkin patch

A handful of small-but-mighty changes to make Baseten more joyful to use:

  • You can view and edit your workspace name in settings

  • Code files show when they were last edited

  • The file upload component checks uploaded files to ensure they are below the maximum size before saving

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements