Weekly round-up: Deploy Dall·E mini

Baseten’s library of pre-trained models now includes a new addition that we’ve been having a lot of fun with: Dall·E mini

You can deploy this model to your Baseten account, and it comes with a basic starter app so that you can start generating images right away. 

Six images generated on the prompt “rocky mountain sunset”

Look out for more cool pictures and projects with Dall·E mini soon!

Deploy CodeGen models

We also added two pre-trained models that generate code from a prompt. CodeGen mono and multi are each two-billion-parameter models trained on datasets of code and natural language. The twin models come with identical starter apps for model evaluation and to inspire your own projects.

An auto-generated function that prints a fibonacci sequence.

🎃 The pumpkin patch

A handful of small-but-mighty changes to make Baseten more joyful to use:

  • Image components support base64 encoded images (see the Dall·E mini starter app for an example)

  • Transactional emails now include plain text links for expanded compatibility with various email clients and firewalls

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements