New in May 2022: Off-site but on-track

At the end of April, we launched our public beta and new brand, opening up Baseten for anyone to use. Now we're focused on learning from and improving the product for public beta users — like you! We want to enable data scientists to deploy more models and build more apps that unlock business value.

What we’re reading & writing:

  • Tutorial: connect your ML models to Slack with our integration

  • Speeding up PyTorch training on the M1 Mac

  • Stunning images from Google’s new imagen model

  • A thread summarizing how to get value from Baseten

Generating images with Dall·E mini

Haven’t made it off the list for a Dall·E 2 invite yet? Neither have we, but you can feed your creativity with this this gallery demo using Dall·E mini. For Baseten users, Dall·E mini is in our pre-trained model library, along with other exciting new pre-trained models. When you deploy one of these models, you get a starter app out of the box so you can use the model right away. And, no matter what you’re building, recent UI improvements for worklets make creating and testing model-backed API endpoints even smoother.

Dall·E mini: "world's fastest racecar”

Data and curiosity: A conversation with DJ Patil

This month, we published an interview with former Chief Data Scientist of the United States, DJ Patil. Baseten CEO Tuhin Srivastava and Patil discussed permission to fail, being prepared for opportunity, and how to use technology to enact social change. 

A conversation with DJ Patil

Battling Zoom fatigue

In mid-May, most of Baseten gathered for an offsite in Boulder, Colorado. Across four days of hiking, dining, music, art, team-building, and tie-dying, we found time for company-wide strategy and roadmapping sessions. Highlights of the trip include a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, a team dinner and cocktail night at Avanti, and a hike up the Flatirons.

Fun times had by all in Boulder

Sadly our Armenian teammates, Suren and Vahan, couldn’t join us in Boulder. So Amir, our Very Tall CTO, came to them! The gang met up in Yerevan, where they spent time with developers and local start-ups to hear more about the challenges data teams are facing today. Oh, there was also a helicopter ride or two involved, but we’ll spare you those videos. 

Amir joining our Armenian teammates Vahan & Suren in Yerevan

This month, we welcomed Matt, a full-stack engineer, and Tyler, a front-end engineer to the team. We might be looking for you, too! We’re actively hiring for roles including: forward-deployed engineer, developer advocate, machine learning researcher and more on our careers page.

We have plenty of plans for June and beyond and look forward to sharing our progress!

Thanks all,

The team at Baseten