Weekly round-up: Select the view canvas

We found from user testing that selecting the page canvas was unintuitive. So we added a component-style label above the canvas to make it easy to select and access a menu of powerful properties.

Selecting the page canvas in a view

Just like the components on a page, the canvas has configurable properties. You can adjust canvas width depending on the user interface you want to build and add event handlers that fire on page load. These event handlers can initialize state, read query parameters, or kick off worklets and database queries, making the page dynamic from first paint.

At least it’s not Clippy

Within the application builder, we want to give you essential information and reminders while staying out of your way as you work. One of the most important concepts in the view builder is a binding, the double-bracket reference to on-page state. A new dismissible inline reference, shipping soon, tells you all about bindings.

The new quick tip inline reference

Also, don’t miss tooltips over many component properties explaining their input and function.

A tooltip explaining row actions

🎃 The pumpkin patch

A handful of small-but-mighty changes to make Baseten more joyful to use:

  • A recent effort removed tens of thousands of lines of leftover code from Baseten’s previous iterations, improving build speed and innovation velocity

  • A slightly altered sign-up flow helps us get to know users a little better

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements