Select view builder component

The new select component replaces our old dropdown component, with improved functionality. Use this new select component to allow operators to select from a list of options in your app, for example, when labeling data.

Add all your options at once

In the old dropdown component, you had to configure your options one-by-one as individual input fields. With the new Select component, you can add all your options through a single display function.

Add dynamic options

You can display dynamic options in the select component. For example, the option the operator chooses in one select component could determine the options available to them in a second select component.

Search for options in the UI

When using your app, operators can type to search and more quickly find the option they’re looking for.

Create new options from the UI

If an operator searches for something and doesn’t find it in the list of existing options, you can give them the ability to easily create a new option from the UI. You can choose whether to enable or disable this functionality in the select component.

Dynamically disable the Select component

You can dynamically disable the select component. For example, you can require operators to submit text through a text input component before being able to select an option in the select component.

We’d love to see what you build with this new component.