Weekly round-up: Python environment per application

Until today, applications on your Baseten account shared a single Python environment. Now, you can install Python packages from PyPi or system packages like ffmpeg on an app-by-app basis. What’s more, draft and production versions of the same application also run in different environments.

This means that you can:

  • Install or upgrade a Python package without affecting applications in production

  • Run different versions of the same package in different applications

  • Publish and manage your code and dependencies in sync

Baseten’s application builder is designed for making apps to handle real production use cases, and this change gives you an even more flexible, robust developer experience.

🎃 The pumpkin patch

This week’s small-but-mighty changes to bring more magic to your models!

Use more keyboard shortcuts: Accelerate your workflows with a dozen new view builder keyboard shortcuts, listed here. My favorite: nudge components around the view with arrow keys.

Copy-and-paste improvements: Multiselect and copy-and-paste between views now work together, and pasting multiple components preserves their relative layout.