Manage models with the Baseten REST API

We’re excited to share that we’ve created a REST API for managing Baseten models! Unlock powerful use cases outside of the (albeit amazing) Baseten UI - interact with your models programmatically, manage them from CI jobs, and much more.

Get a production deployment's details

The following endpoints are currently available:

  • Get and upsert secrets: /v1/secrets

  • Get model information: /v1/models

  • Get deployment information: /v1/models/{model_id}/deployments/{id or env}

  • Update autoscaling settings: /v1/models/{model_id}/deployments/{id or env}/autoscaling_settings

  • Promote deployments: /v1/models/{model_id}/deployments/{id or env}/promote

  • Activate deployments: /v1/models/{model_id}/deployments/{id or env}/activate

  • Deactivate deployments: /v1/models/{model_id}/deployments/{id or env}/deactivate

And more endpoints to come! Check out our REST API documentation here, happy curling!