Weekly round-up: Deactivate and delete model versions

Baseten supports deploying multiple versions of the same model, so you can iterate, test, and experiment to your heart’s content. Now, you can either deactivate or delete model versions when they are no longer useful.

A screenshot showing the options available on a deployed model version

A deactivated model version cannot be invoked or used in applications, but can be re-activated. A deleted model version is permanently gone. Either way, neither deactivated nor deleted model versions count against your deployed model limit.

Record audio with new microphone component

When building UI models like Whisper and wav2vec that process audio, you’ve been able to let users upload audio clips with the file upload component. With the new microphone component, you can instead let users capture audio directly in the app.

A screenshot showing the new microphone component

🎃 The pumpkin patch

This week’s small-but-mighty changes to bring more magic to your models!

Share state between views: If you’re building a complex application on Baseten with multiple views, you might want to share state between those views. This is useful for building interactions like clicking on a row in a table and going to a detail page pre-populated with that row’s information.

New account profile and API key pages: Go to Settings in the main sidebar and you’ll find Account settings broken out from Workspace settings for easier access

Set object fit in image components: Select from five options to set the object fit that works best in the context of your application.

A gif of the five different image fit options