Weekly round-up: Back up your apps to GitHub

This week, a feature for workspaces that use our starter or business plans: back up your Baseten apps to GitHub. Paired with the draft environment, this gives you a safety net while developing your production applications. Get started by following the GitHub sync docs.

An example GitHub repository storing apps built on Baseten

Once GitHub sync is turned on in your workspace, you can enable it app-by-app to back up applications to GitHub. Applications will be backed up immediately, and a new version will be committed to the repository each time you publish.

🎃 The pumpkin patch

This week’s small-but-mighty changes to bring more magic to your models!

Set multiline secret values: In your workspace settings, you can now store multiline secret values. This is useful for storing things like PGP and SSH keys.

Setting a multiline secret

Reorder event handlers: In the view builder, you can add multiple event handlers to each component. Event handlers are executed sequentially. If you want to change the order that event handlers run in, you can now do so by dragging and dropping them into place.

Reordering event handlers