The fastest way to deliver models as a microservice

You shouldn’t need to rely on engineering to get your models to value. Connect your model to data stores and services, add business logic, and deliver it as an API endpoint within minutes.

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From monolith to engineering best practices

Ditch your monolithic notebook. Baseten’s Worklets are the fastest way to build reliable, scalable APIs for your ML models. Chain together custom Python tasks and built-in integrations to construct powerful APIs.

Write custom Python code before and after your model for tasks like preprocessing and postprocessing. 
Invoke your model using inputs from previous tasks. Pass outputs on to serve predictions as you see fit.
Run custom SQL queries on your own databases or with our provided Postgres data tables.
Split your workflow based on conditional logic you define.
Chain Worklets together to power complex workflows.
Share predictions and other outputs directly to Slack.

Flexible scheduling

Decide how and when your models are invoked. Schedule runs, trigger from user action, or make it callable via an auto-generated API endpoint.

How to invoke Worklets

Easy to test, easy to maintain 

Baseten unites your data stores, SQL queries, and Python environment in one data scientist-friendly workspace. Test code, manage secrets, and install system packages all without switching tabs.

See how to test Worklets
"Baseten gets the process of tool-building out of the way, so we can focus on our key skills: modeling, measurement, and problem solving."

Nikhil Harithas

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Patreon

"Baseten provides us with all of the speed and control of self-serving our model deployment without any of the annoying config, infra, and health checks."

Daniel Whitenack

Data Scientist at SIL

“Baseten provides an easy way for us to host our models, iterate on them, and experiment without worrying about any of the DevOps involved.”

Faaz Ul Haq

Head of Data Science at Pipe

"Baseten allows us to take any need that we have and build a custom SaaS solution for that very specific use case—it’s amazing.”

Ryan Delk

CEO at Primer

No more abandoned models

Start shipping full-stack apps and driving business outcomes with machine learning today.

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