Welcome to The Data Science Community by Baseten

Welcome to The Data Science Community!

Today we’re launching The Data Science Community by Baseten, and are excited to invite you to join us. Our community is open to data scientists and friends, and we welcome practitioners of every programming language and skill level. We’ll be kicking things off with a reading group that will regularly discuss data science related articles, videos, and books, and the polls are open for both our bi-weekly reading group as well as our monthly book club!

Sign up and sign in

To get started, head over to community.baseten.co, and click on the blue “Sign Up” button in the top right corner. 

From there you’ll be presented with a pop-up asking for basic contact information. Once you’ve entered that, click on “Create your account” to get started meeting everyone! A few great ways to get started with the community are to:

  • Head over to the “Hello, welcome, and introduce yourself!” and read a bit more about your peers, as well as tell us a bit about who you are
  • Check out the General category and see what everyone’s up to by reading some recent “Water Cooler” posts
  • Make your way to the Reading Group category and vote on upcoming readings, see what everyone’s been discussing, and join the conversation
Screenshot of the login pop-up on The Data Science Community by Baseten, showing a waving hand emoji and a form asking for an Email address, Username, Name, and Password along with a Blue Create your account button at the bottom

Not ready to sign up?

No worries! Our community is set up so that you can read all of the posts without having an account, so you’re welcome to check things out and see if it’s for you before joining. 

We hope to see you in The Data Science Community soon!