Machine learning infrastructure that just works

Baseten provides all the infrastructure you need to deploy and serve ML models performantly, scalably, and cost-efficiently.

Trusted by top engineering and machine learning teams

Get started in minutes

Avoid getting tangled in complex deployment processes. Deploy best-in-class open-source models and take advantage of optimized serving for your own models.

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Model library
Open-source model packaging
Logs and health metrics
No infrastructure experience needed

Highly performant infra that scales with you

Horizontally scalable services that take you from prototype to production. Light-speed inference on infra that autoscales with your traffic.

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Fast inference
Resource management
Version management

Don’t break the bank

Run your models on the best infrastructure without running up costs.

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Customize model infrastructure
Scale to zero and fast cold starts
GPU sharing

Open-source model packaging

Package and deploy models built in any framework with Truss.

Model library

Deploy and monitor popular open-source models.

Live reload

Iterate quickly and inexpensively with draft models.

Logs and health metrics

Real-time logging and monitoring of your models.


Scale replicas up and down based on traffic.

Resource management

Customize the infrastructure running your model.


Fine-tune FLAN-T5, LLaMA, Stable Diffusion, and more.

Integrate with CI/CD

Deploy models from your existing development workflows.

Serverless functions

Write Python functions that seamlessly integrate with your models.

Transparent pricing,
no platform fees

Only pay for the time your model is actively deploying, scaling up or down, or making predictions. Configure model resources and autoscaling to save on compute resources. Volume discounts and self-hosting are also available as you grow.

Compute costs

Start with $30 of free credit!
$0.00096 /min
T4 (16 GiB), 4 vCPU, 16 GiB
$0.01753 /min
A10 (24 GiB), 4 vCPU, 16 GiB
$0.03353 /min
V100 (16 GiB), 8 vCPU, 61 GiB
$0.10200 /min
A100 (80 GiB), 12 vCPU, 144 GiB
$0.17083 /min
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Built with Baseten

case study

Patreon saves nearly $600k/year in ML resources

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built with Baseten

Serving four million Riffusion requests in 2 days

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Laurel ships ML models 9+ months faster

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Pipe saves over 200 hours of dev time per year

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built with Baseten

Chatbot interface for interacting with variants of Facebook’s LLaMA

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built with Baseten

A FigJam plugin to fine-tune and invoke Stable Diffusion

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